Greg "Coletrain" Cole

Lead Vocals, Harmonica

Greg was born in a small town. Yes, that same small town with the pink houses. His journey in music started when he was a just a boy, watching his family play.  He was introduced to the blues by his older brother. Greg began singing and playing harmonica about thirty years ago and was the front man for several popular bands in Southern Indiana.  He relocated to the Wilmington area in 2009 and is excited to be a part of the local music scene. Over the years he has developed his own unique style and tone. His biggest influences are Junior Wells,  Little Walter, and RJ Mischo, to name a few. 

Frank " Right Reverend" Reisser

Lead Guitar, Vocals

When Frank was no more than a boy, he went to the crossroads to sell his soul to the devil. It was a Kia Soul, and he went to Crossroads Used Cars in Newark, New Jersey. And it probably wasn’t really the devil, although the guy’s name might have been Devlin. But he did have a pointy beard. Anyway, Frank does make an ungodly racket on his guitar. And he likes people to give him free drinks.

Bob Goldman


Originally from Boston, MA, Bob is a veteran rock drummer with roots going back to the early and mid 1960's.  Throughout his teens, Bob played in many bands covering 60's English rock and psychedelic sounds, and including a period in a Motown type Soul band. At about 15, he discovered The Blues and developed a passion for the genre. The music of John Mayall, Cream, Hendrix, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Albert King, Paul Butterfield to The Blues Project and The Electric Flag, among many others of the era, cemented his love for the Blues. From the 70's and beyond, Bob played in both cover and original bands, a few of which had several records released with radio airplay in the Boston area. For the last 10 years, Bob has performed a yearly show at the Hard Rock Cafe in NYC in the Eyerock show which raises money for vision charities. Various bands that Bob played with usually had a blues song but he never played in one that focused solely on the genre until now. Bob thought it would be fun to return to his roots and do something other than generic classic rock. As always, Bob embraces the music and drives the band with a strong beat.

Todd Grenier

Bass Guitar

Born in Las Vegas, NV, Todd became interested in learning the bass at the age of 13.  By his freshman year in high school, he had relocated to Maine and had started his first band, a trio named Mad Hatter. They saw local success, covering popular hard rock, metal and alt-rock songs through the 90's at numerous clubs and festivals all over Maine.

After their breakup in 2000, Todd went on to play in a couple of other similar cover acts before moving to Rhode Island in 2003. There, he formed a new trio which came to be known as The If, a fully original prog/experimental rock outfit. They recorded two LP's together. Todd left the project and moved  to NC in 2023.

Opportunity arose quickly for Todd to join the Papa Midnight Band, taking on his first role as a blues bassist in over 30 years of musicianship. He has proven himself a great fit to round out the band, bringing his alt-rock and heavy metal roots aboard to add depth, energy and attitude to every show.